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Second Summer in Hocking Hills

As summer begins to fade and families start to focus on school and the hustle and bustle that is the end of August, we sometimes struggle to ease back into our normal schedule. Maybe it begins with the stress of back-to-school shopping — finding the perfect pair of shoes, picking out pencils, paper and the perfect backpack. It’s hard to ease back into the routine of school drop-off and after school practices, but just because summer flew by in the flash doesn’t mean you can’t take that family vacation you have been dying to take. You deserve it.

Most people believe the summer months are the ideal time to visit the Hocking Hills, but the word of the “second summer” is starting to spread. As the rest of Ohio cools off and settles into its fall routine, the beautiful Hocking Hills becomes the best spot for picture perfect weather. It’s hard to beat the cozy feeling of cooler air combined with the crispness of the first few autumn leaves. September is no longer just the month of football games and freshman orientation — but also a time to spread your adventurous wings and join us in the breathtaking Hocking Hills.

There is truly nothing that this region does not offer. The rolling tree covered hills, picturesque views, misting waterfalls and the abundance of activities will line your schedule with unforgettable family memories. Take a hike in the beautiful Hocking Hills State Park. Enjoy miles of hiking with a new thing to see around every corner. Stop by the John Glen Astronomy Park, and start your own space journey. Take it all in. 

Picture this. Crips colors, the smell of the rolling fire and the sounds of nature. Allow the smell of nature to fully allow you to let go of stress you are holding on to. It is like no place else in the world. This could be your future, but only if you book with us now. Visit for more inspiration for your Second Summer Vacation.

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